ArdemArch - Transformation to New Tech

Easy mobile application development library with modern components.

Easy Migration

Incremental modernization of existing app.

No need to stop ongoing publishments

Publish every single transformed page/compound when ready.

Transformation to the new gradually part by part

Release ability to prod without interruption to development process.


Opportunity to observe every single transformed page.

Facelift with minimum cost

Renew business logic with minimum cost using common transaction structure.

Reusable components

Easy integration of developers into development, minimised risk of failure.

DevOps Development

We deliver mobile applications from developer to end user.


Ardem is a company that offers expert mobile solutions that deliver excellent customer experiences. The company covers more than just mobile app development, however, with additional expertise DevOps. Ardem can assist you with IOS, Android, hybrid app development and web application. They specialize in high-end services in finance.

We get support from them for over a year for our android financial banking app. We built and developed our infrastructure together in the Kotlin transformation. In addition, they provided consultancy to the friends in the team. I would like to share that we are very pleased to work with them in this transformation.

Our Mission

The most fundamental problem of mobile banking applications is architectural complexity and disorder. We produce solutions with our architecture that offers scenario-based software flow to banks. Our architecture, which is easy to learn and applicable, consists of reusable components. In terms of business, with its abstracted independent flow structure, its complexity is low, which provides more efficient and quality application production.

Contact Details

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Phone Number: +90 534 777 04 07